Sunday, April 24, 2011


I am Michael. I intend to post things that are interesting. I do not guarantee that you will find these things interesting. I am just some dude who decided to start writing more and I figure that a blog would be a reasonable way to do that. I do not mean to be some pseudo-intellectual elitist. I know what I have to say does not matter. But I do like to think and writing is developed thought. If you are intrigued by what I say I am thrilled. If not, why did you read this far?

Without further adieu, I present this wonderful PBS documentary on fractal geometry.


  1. Do you study mathematics? Anyway, nice to meet a fellow fresh blogger!

  2. lol, good start. my mind is already blown.

  3. Hey I really appreciate the responses guys. Did not even expect that much.
    No I am not a mathematics guy at all drombo but I am very interested in the implications of them. I'll leave the equations to someone else.
    I'm really glad you liked the video ThrirtySeven, I thought it was very well done and the material was compelling to say the least.

  4. grats on first post, looking forward for more